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Response to Avi-Yonah’s CNN Piece Advocating for Book Income Taxation

Write-Off: The Tax Blog

Professor Reuven S. Avi-Yonah recently published an opinion in CNN Business.1 Here, I respectfully respond to several claims in that article.

Claim: “Corporate America has perfected the art of dodging the taxes that everyone else pays.”
Response: Sixty-one percent of individual taxpayers paid no federal income taxes in 2020. Even in non-pandemic years, this value is often in excess of 50 percent.2 There are more individual non-payers than corporate non-payers. Further, the loss from corporate tax evasion is much smaller than from individuals.
Read the rest here. (paygated until Jan 17, 2022).

1 Avi-Yonah, “This Tax Would Make Wealthy Corporations Pay Their Fair Share,” CNN Business, Nov. 24, 2021.
2 Howard Gleckman, “The COVID-19 Pandemic Drove a Huge, but Temporary, Increase in Households That Did Not Pay Federal Income Tax,” Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (Aug. 18, 2021).

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